About Chiron

Wisdom, senior level attention, and a proven record of getting things done.

Chiron Financial LLC arranges private equity and debt placements to fund growth or to refinance existing investments, and manages asset sales and mergers.  We are a middle market investment banking firm with unusually deep knowledge and expertise in all aspects of financial restructuring, from debt modifications and refinancing to maximizing value and continuing business in a period of financial stress. 

We are energy experts with extensive history in oil and gas, oil service and equipment and the midstream sector, along with substantial experience in health care, real estate, manufacturing, building products, and non-profits.

We stand out from those offering similar services to small and middle-market companies with the depth of our experience and our demonstrated ability to produce excellent results.  We offer our clients concentrated senior level attention and involvement to a degree rarely experienced with larger investment banking firms.  Our track record of over two hundred completed transactions spanning a wide size range is testament to our ability to complete successful transactions, even in challenging circumstances. 

Chiron Financial LLC is a successor to Chiron Financial Group Inc., which was founded by Jay Krasoff, and Weisser, Johnson & Co. and GasRock Capital LLC, which were co-founded by Scott Johnson.