Published Articles

Alban Meteyer
, December 2018

Corporate LiveWire’s Bankruptcy & Restructuring Roundtable 2018 features eight experts including Alban Meteyer, Vice President Europe for Chiron Financial.  The experts share their practical knowledge and experience on a range of key topics including recent regulatory changes, sectors at the highest risk of bankruptcy, formal proceedings for insolvency in jurisdictions around the globe, and what can be learned from the recent surge of high-profile bankruptcies.

Scott Johnson
Oil and Gas Investor, June 2017

In 2016 bank regulators drew a line in the sand, and 86% of public companies surveyed may not meet new standards. Luckily, alternative debt financing is available.

Jay H. Krasoff and Scott W. Johnson
The Deal, September 2016

Jay H. Krasoff and Scott W. Johnson, neighbors in Houston, have teamed up and opened the doors to Chiron Financial LLC.

Jay H. Krasoff
Well Servicing Magazine, March 2016

Oilfield service companies continue to struggle from the fallout of plunging oil prices. Many companies that have managed to stay afloat now face dwindling cash reserves and must act quickly to preserve their options. The following roundtable discussion includes some of the top legal minds in bankruptcy and energy today.

Jay H. Krasoff
Well Servicing Magazine, January 2016

The participants in the following roundtable discussion represent a broad cross-section of alternative capital providers with a long history of lending to and investing in companies in the oil and gas sector.

Jay H. Krasoff
Well Servicing Magazine, November 2015

When a company is facing operational or financial challenges, incumbent management may see the need to restructure or reorganize the company, but instead find themselves mired with day-to-day operational issues. For companies that need an executive leader with turnaround experience and crisis management resources to manage the demands of a restructuring process, engaging an interim CRO makes sense.

Jay H. Krasoff
Well Servicing Magazine, September 2015

Companies across the oil and gas industry are facing major financing challenges. The current financing environment stands in stark contrast to that of the 2008-2013 period when there was a large inflow of capital into the energy sector, which helped spur major investment across the oil and gas industry.

Jay H. Krasoff
Well Servicing Magazine, July 2015

Churchill said it best: “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” History is full of people and businesses who didn’t let a setback keep them down. The trick to getting back on track faster is not to waste valuable time thinking about the setback and instead concentrate on your next steps.